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This Stress Control programme is being delivered all over the world.

It is easy to understand and there is no pressure to speak. it runs for 6 sessions and is for everyone.

Session 1: What Is Stress?

  • INFORMATION: How Stress Control works. Detailed information about stress: anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc. Audio examples. How common is stress? The 14 most common signs. Anxiety and depression tests. What keeps stress going? The Vicious Circle. Important statements.
  • SKILLS: Getting started: Stress Control in ten words: face your fears, be more active, watch what you drink.

Session 2: Controlling Your Body

  • INFORMATION: The vicious circle: how the body feeds stressed feelings. Anxiety: fight/flight/faint/freeze. Depression: being overwhelmed and withdrawing. ‘I had a black dog’.
  • SKILLS: Caffeine, breathing retraining, exercise, progressive relaxation. Relaxation CD or code to access relaxation section of website.

Session 3: Controlling Your Thoughts

  • INFORMATION: The role of vigilance and threat; ‘grasshopper thinking’ and ‘the Blinkers’.
  • SKILLS: Thinking your way out of stress: ‘Wait a minute’, the Big 5 Challenges’, Breaking stress up.

Session 4: Controlling Your Actions

  • INFORMATION: The vicious circle: how actions feed stressed feelings, body symptoms and thoughts. Building the positive circle – seeing the big picture. Effects of avoidance and behaviour.
  • SKILLS: Face your fears; getting out of the safety zone; problem solving.

Session 5a: Controlling Panic Feelings

  • INFORMATION: Dealing with feeling overwhelmed with a focus on the role of breathing in causing stress and, by controlling it, in controlling stress.
  • SKILLS: Breathing retraining, preventative CBT approaches.

Session 5b: Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

  • INFORMATION: Looks at the importance in getting a good night’s sleep and the problems lack of sleep or poor quality sleep cause.
  • SKILLS: Relaxation, ‘Sleeping tips’ and ‘Retraining your sleep’.

Session 6: Wellbeing

  • INFORMATION: The importance of strengthening wellbeing in combination with removing stress
  • SKILLS: ‘Five a day’: Connect, Be Active, Keep learning, Give, Take notice. The last of these leads into mindfulness. End by ‘controlling the future and ‘becoming your own therapist’.

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